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Little Bug in English Translation of Win Version

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well , the only version which is available in english for Windows , is 3.2.1211 , which was sent to me by DGEN brother .now the problem is , for some reasons he did not update DiskGenius with english language , like for example the new 3.2.5  latest version has a file named " LangChs.dll " . it is Language file which holds all the information about language .now when i tried to replace it with LangEng.dll file of Old version 3.2.1211  , it loads the menu fine , but as soon as i right click on any option ,or try to do anything , the Program crashes ,   then i though lets manually copy the english translation to new LangChs.dll of 3.2.5 latest version ,  first of all i Decompress the LangChs.dll of latest version with UPX , then i changed its contents with Resource Hacker , i took all the english references from LangEng.dll of old version .but now everytime i want to run program, it tells ,  " Could not load Langeng.dll " .but the file is there . is there anything i can do ? may be Dgen can tell me that how to change LANGChs.dll to chnage with english menu from old dll file ? or may be update Old Langeng.dll with new version so that english users can enjoy new version too ?

and perhaps One day DOS version too...:(

I thank you for read and help .

Regards,Maanu from Pakistan 
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应该是来要英文版本的了 呵呵
发表于 2010-3-28 04:07:05 | 显示全部楼层
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